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Reznext is delighted to announce TripConnect as one of the service partners. TripConnect is a one stop tool to drive direct bookings, leverage on the reviews, it is one of the best ways for hotels, inns and B&B’s to cost effectively generate incremental bookings on the world’s largest travel site. TripConnect is a low cost and a powerful acquisition tool. With this new feature, the hotels, inns and b&B’s can maximise bookings, increase revenues and reduce costs.

How does this work?

With TripConnect you can maximise your bookings, all it takes is a single click and the travellers are directed to your page. Maximise your bookings by using your website’s unique capabilities to increase per guest revenues. Along with all these excellent features, it is also cost effective, pay only when the travellers click on your website link.

With TripConnect, participating business owners do not have to worry, all you have to do is sit back and let TripConnect bring the business to you. You just need to place a bid that fits your budget, place a higher bid if you wish to feature on top of all the listings, thereby increasing the likelihood that TripAdvisor users will click on your hotel’s link. This model is cost effective for small hotels and Inn’s as well.

TripConnect Features

Instant Bookings

Travel ready customers will be directed to your website for easy and seamless bookings.

CPC Campaign

Drive Incremental bookings from TripAdvisor to your website.

CPC with Revenue Tracking

Complete reports on your CPC campaigns.

Review Express

The fast, free and effortless way to get valuable traveller reviews.

How Is TripConnect Different?

Maximise Bookings

With a single click, travellers will be sent directly to your booking page. Attract travellers by displaying rates and availability.

Increase Revenues

Your websites unique upsell capabilities can help you increase per-guest revenues.

Reduce Costs

You pay when travellers click through to your website to convert into cost effective direct bookings.

Direct Bookings Made Easy

On Your TripAdvisor Page

Rates and availability are displayed and travellers click through to your website.

On Your Booking Page

Travellers are directed to your website; this is where you can use your unique upsell capabilities and covert them easily into direct bookings.

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