Integrated Hotel Distribution Solution Suite

Our integrated approach to distribution driven by real-time business intelligence helps hoteliers put the focus back on improving guest service and profitability.

RezNext supports a true real-time hotel distribution model and offers a completely integrated distribution solution suite- We simplify online distribution by connecting both ends of the business- supply and demand- real-time.

Combined with industry leading revenue consulting and digital marketing services, RezNext provides a comprehensive offering that helps hoteliers improve their distribution yield while keeping their total cost of ownership in technology minimum. Learn more about our solutions.

ReX RezE ReD ReM ReV RepuFact RezRate BriDge

ReX – Intelligent Distribution Platform

  • Connect real-time two-way to leading online demand generators. View our distribution partners
  • Adopt a smart model of room distribution based on real-time channel performance
  • Support room reservations including modifications, cancellations and rebooking
  • Manage all reservation data from a single screen including rates, room type, inventory, availability and blocked out dates
  • Complete automation of inventory allocation, monitoring and updating
  • Auto-mapping support for reservation delivery
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RezE – Guest-centric Internet Booking Engine

  • Leverage your website as an important revenue channel
  • Online booking engine with real-time two-way connect with hotel’s PMS system
  • Integrated e-cart functionality allowing guests to compare prices, choose multiple rooms in the same hotel or across the group of hotels, select additional services and purchase in a single transaction
  • Ability to create real-time promo codes to increase guest conversion rate
  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics to provide information related to website traffic, source, user behaviour, top performing geographies, keyword/search analysis and more
  • Digital marketing services to help you drive more profitable direct bookings. Know more about our digital marketing services
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ReD – Smart Analytics for Hotel Distribution

  • Maximise revenue with the help of an intelligent and well-defined price point matrix report
  • Optimise your rate strategy based on booking source and booking trends for the day, week or season
  • Identify the highest yielding distribution channels and push inventory accordingly
  • Stay prepared in time for the arrivals and departures of the day
  • React proactively to changing market dynamics and stay ahead of competition
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ReM – Hotel Campaign Management Solution

  • Send out highly targeted campaigns to a well segmented target list
  • Communicate special discounts and promotional offers to increase guest loyalty and drive direct bookings
  • Evaluate campaign performance
  • Monitor engagement rate of prospects and customers to identify hot and cold leads
  • Base your distribution strategy on high yielding promotion campaigns
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ReV – Advanced Hotel Revenue Management System

  • Improve RevPAR by 6 - 15% from the first night of use
  • Patented, proven technology generates higher ADR, greater occupancy, and more profits
  • Revenue-at-risk alerts guide high-value user actions for a single or multiple properties
  • Proven to outperform competing revenue management systems
  • Competitive rate and performance data enables intelligent response to competitor actions
  • Detect changes in customer/guest behaviour
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RepuFact – Next-gen Guest Intelligence and Analytical Solution

  • Access advanced guest analytics
  • Simplify hotel reputation management
  • Get RepuScore by hotel and department to evaluate the efficiency on internal operations
  • Drive excellence in hotel functions
  • Benchmark competition
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RezRate – Competitive Rate Intelligence Solution

  • Monitor current pricing trends of competitors
  • Ensure rate parity across all distribution channels
  • Optimise revenue by creating a profitable rate strategy
  • Integrate with reputation management solution to adopt a dynamic rate strategy based on competitor price and your market repute
  • Easily connect with revenue management solution and distribution platform for an enterprise-level rate strategy
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BriDge – Real-time Hotel Distribution Program

  • Gain access to a growing network of B2C and B2B channels including business travel agents
  • Automatically connect and distribute inventory real-time to new partners added to the BriDge network
  • Monitor and analyse channel performance real-time
  • Focus better on your core competency – guest satisfaction
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