Purpose-built enterprise-level mobile app from RezNext
RezNext has launched the industry’s first purpose-built enterprise app for profitable distribution. Available on iOS and Android, the app empowers hoteliers to take strategic distribution decisions on-the-go. With evolving consumer behaviour and ever-changing demand patterns, hoteliers need to adopt a dynamic distribution model. RezNext has made this possible with its power-driven mobile app for distribution. With this app, hoteliers can not only respond to changing market conditions at any point in time through the day, they can also leverage its sub-second data transfer architecture to meet customer demands ahead of competition.

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Best features of the RezNext distribution app:

  • Built using sub-second data transfer architecture, the app offers industry-best update speed across leading distribution channels
  • Know the status of your updates real-time to ensure the right inventory and price is displayed across all channels
  • Do not miss an opportunity to meet consumer demand, even if you're not in office
  • Work offline and sync-up your changes once back in network
  • Available on iOS and Android

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