ReV Revenue Management

Adopt ReV powered by Maxim – the next-gen hotel revenue management technology from RezNext

Empower your revenue manager with real-time smart analytics to take intelligent pricing decisions on the go.

ReV powered by Maxim is a scientifically built, custom tailored, intelligent revenue management solution that suits the exact need of your hotel. It offers deep drill-down capabilities and real-time revenue intelligence on market segment, rate plans for room types, length-of-stay patterns, booking trends, average daily revenue forecasted versus actual room revenue, actual channel yield to control pricing and reservation requests at a micro-market level. ReV is tightly integrated with ReX, our intelligent distribution platform, allowing hoteliers to evaluate distribution operations as an integrated function and optimise their overall hotel revenue.

Key features:

  • Advanced forecasting and reporting capabilities on key revenue metrics
  • Generates optimal daily mix of rates and LOS by customer segment and distribution channel
  • Automatically extracts and processes all transactional data from the PMS
  • Supports both demand-based and competition-based BAR strategies
  • Integrates competitive rate data
  • Powerful Group Evaluator recommends a minimum group rate for a group block


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