Rate Shopper

Track hotel performance on OTA’s, compare hotel rates, analyze pricing strategies all this and more. An ideal way to monitor your hotel’s competitors and to ensure you identify market opportunities before your competitors. Reznext’s rate shopper offers real-time monitoring and management of room rates, availability and restrictions across all your connected sales channels.

The rate shopper captures rates and availability of hotels anywhere in the world. Make smarter pricing decisions with this easy to use platform that gives access to all relevant factors impacting demand for hotel rooms. Boost your hotel revenue and maximize your profits with our Rate Shopper. Hoteliers now save time and effort with Reznext’s Rate Shopper Solution.

Compare Hotel Rates

Easy monitoring of your hotel rates as well as your competitors to stay ahead and check your hotel’s performance on the connected OTA’s.

Rate Range And Index View

The rate range view graph displays the minimum, maximum, and quartile rates depending on the date range selection. The index view indicates where you stand as compared to your competitors average.

Analyzing Pricing Strategies

Plan ahead with the analyzing pricing strategies and know your hotel’s as well as the market’s pricing dynamics.

Ranking And Review Analytics

Be a market leader by tracking your hotel’s performance and review it across all online channels.

Compare Sources

Ensure rate parity across all OTA’s, compare yours and your competitors’ rates on OTA’s.

Real-Time Rates Comparison

Decide on the new rates in real-time according to the market pricing, helping you boost customer confidence.


Get a comprehensive analysis of the hotel prices, graphs analysis, lowest available rate, rate trend, and much more for your competitor hotels.

Pricing Decisions

Make better pricing decisions based on the amenities and evaluation of your property.

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