RezRate – Rate Shopper

Adopt profitable hotel pricing strategies based on competitor insight and your rate performance

RezRate – the smart rate shopper solution from RezNext – allows hoteliers to adopt an intelligent rate strategy, based on internal factors such as rate performance and reputation score, and external elements such as competitor price and market dynamics.

RezRate offers a price-to-price comparison with the competitor’s rate strategy, drilled-down into granular levels such as rate type, room type and inclusions. Based on this strategic information, hoteliers can determine their own pricing-mix and discount plans. It is a perfect rate intelligence tool for revenue managers to understand how competitive the hotel rates are at any given point in time along with the hotel’s channel performance and positioning.

Key features:

  • Allows quick rate updates across online channels
  • Track competitor rates real-time
  • Drill-down by room rates, meal plans and inclusion
  • Monitor number of rate updates made by competition and their price trends
  • Know OTA positioning vis-à-vis competition
  • Maintain rate parity across distribution channels
  • Generate graphically rich reports on rate intelligence
  • Shop for data multiple times a day with multiple criteria


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