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RezNext launches revolutionary distribution technology with inbuilt revenue intelligence


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Accessible on all devices, the application redefines real-time distribution yield for hotels


Bangalore, February 2, 2015: RezNext Global Solutions, a leader in real-time enterprise distribution technology, has announced the launch of a path-breaking technology that allows hoteliers to adopt a dynamic distribution strategy powered with revenue intelligence. Hoteliers will now be able to measure the ROI for their distribution channels real-time and accordingly decide on their inventory flow. It revolutionises the concept of true yield management for hotels. This new functionality was released at the recently concluded SATTE event in Delhi.


“Our enterprise real-time business model combined with this new functionality will now radically change how hoteliers have managed their ROI from distribution channels. With a smart revenue algorithm inbuilt into ReX, our intelligent distribution platform, hoteliers can be in complete control over their distribution strategy. They can monitor channel performance real-time and ensure that inventory supplied to the channel corresponds with revenue earned from it. Revenue managers can also dynamically alter their channel mix based on actual performance. We remove all redundancies in hotel distribution process and help hoteliers adopt a proactive revenue optimisation strategy for disruptive hotel business,” said Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer, RezNext Global Solutions.


This new real-time distribution model allows revenue managers to control inventory movement to channels with high commission and moderate turnover, while allowing real-time flow of inventory to other channels where the commission is comparatively lower with great returns. “We are empowering hoteliers with advanced revenue optimisation techniques, and also simplifying their operations by providing all the information to view, assimilate and act on, available in one single screen. Based on the real-time performance of channels, revenue managers can now apply the smart revenue algorithm, release blocked out dates, apply stop sell and update rates, all from one calendar view”, said Kevin Dcosta, Vice President, Product Development, RezNext Global Solutions.


This new release of ReX is device agnostic and can be accessed on all smart phones and tablets giving hoteliers the power to run their distribution operations intelligently on the move.


About RezNext
RezNext is the world’s only true real-time enterprise distribution technology company. It empowers hotels to adopt a distribution strategy that simplifies the complex global distribution environment and makes it understandable and manageable. It is integrated with revenue management, operating intelligence and powered with reputation management insights.


At the core of our distribution offering is the real-time two-way connect between a hotel’s property management solution and thousands of electronic channels, helping hotels improve visibility, distribute effectively 24×7, and most importantly, drive revenues.


RezNext’s portfolio of offerings include Real-time Two -Way PMS Connect, Intelligent Distribution Platform, Revenue Management, Reputation Management, Internet Booking Engine, Online Travel Agent (OTA) Connect, GDS Connect, Rate Shopper Solution, Campaign Management, Distribution Intelligence Application and the BriDge program.


This growing range of solutions is available to all hotel segments from independent hotels to large chain hotels, business hotels, resorts and service apartments.


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