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RezNext partners with TripBorn to extend its BriDge network globally Partnership to offer new market place for RezNext’s BriDge hotel customers


Bangalore, May 06, 2015: RezNext, the world’s true real-time hotel enterprise distribution technology company today announced its partnership with TripBorn, a leading travel ticketing company catering to both travel agents and corporates. TripBorn has operations across India and caters to the international markets with their offices in Washington DC and London.


BriDge customers at RezNext will now be able to distribute their inventory real-time on TripBorn from where their agents will then distribute it to their network of corporates and consumers. ReNext’s BriDge platform is uniquely designed to allow hoteliers supply both B2C and B2B rates dynamically for their hotel property.


Under the partnership, TripBorn will gain access to real-time inventory from leading hotels in India made available through the RezNext platform while RezNext can offer a leading new channel with global presence to its hotel customers providing them easy access to international markets.


“BriDge is a unique program that allows demand generators and hoteliers to connect quickly and seamlessly, doing away with complexities in system integration and commission negotiation. We are happy to welcome TripBorn to our fast growing BriDge network of demand partners. This partnership allows our customers easy access to global markets and increased visibility among international guests thus helping them increase their share of online bookings. We are also able to offer the benefits of our real-time distribution model to TripBorn allowing them to automate their manual distribution processes,” said Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer, RezNext Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The BriDge program allows hoteliers access to all the current and future demand generators partnering with the program. It connects them easily with leading non-traditional online channels and travel agents both in India and in global markets. For demand generators, BriDge provides them easy access to good quality hotels and great rates. More importantly their distribution efforts can be automated.


“We see great value in our association with RezNext. We believe technology automation will help us drive better value for our customers and help us organise our efforts in the right direction. With the real-time connect that the BriDge platform offers, we will be able to provide our corporates and agents dynamic rates and packages helping them increase their conversions. Also the seamless connectivity will help our travel agents provide a great booking experience to their customers“, said Deepak Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, TripBorn.


About RezNext:


RezNext is the world’s only true real-time distribution management solution provider. It empowers hotels to adopt a distribution strategy that simplifies the complex global distribution environment and makes it understandable and manageable. It is integrated with revenue management, operating intelligence and powered with reputation management insights.


At the core of our distribution offering is the real-time two-way connect between a hotel’s property management solution and thousands of electronic channels, helping hotels improve visibility, distribute effectively 24/7, and most importantly, drive revenues.


RezNext’s portfolio of offerings include real-time two-way PMS connect, intelligent distribution platform, revenue management, reputation management, internet booking engine, online travel agent (OTA) connect, GDS connect, rate shopper solution, campaign management, hotel operating intelligence and the BriDge program.


This growing range of solutions is available to all hotel segments from independent hotels to large chain hotels, business hotels, resorts and service apartments.


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About is owned and operated by Sunalpha Green Technologies Private Limited. TripBorn is funded and ventured by Alpha Group based out of Washington DC, USA with the core vision of providing a safe, convenient Travel experience for billions. As the world mobilises and digitises we are continuously innovating so that our customers can have more ways and choices to explore and travel around the world.


Tripborn’s role and purpose is to enable and offer trusted and convenient e-Market place for transportation products to billions of individuals using best-in-class technology.


Our products:


• B2B e-Market place for transportation products. (Air, bus, rail, cruise, hotel, visa and holiday packages)
• B2B e-Market place for financial services. (Bill payments, money transfer)


Our core strengths:


We love travel – We make it easy to plan your next business or leisure trip online through best digital experience. Wherever you go, we are with you every step of the way!
At the heart of digital convergence – We serve diverse travel products across transportation markets which are now converging – such as online travel booking – and are viewed as a trusted intermediary.
Extraordinary people – Our employees have unique expertise and are problem solvers. We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make each important aspect of the customer’s experience a little bit better. “Our goal as a company is to deliver customer service that is not only the best but LEGENDARY.”
Positively impacting society – Many of the services we offer has a direct impact on the economic growth of our society.


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