Media Coverage 2014


Media Coverage


Media Coverage – 2014


RezNext continues to attract media attention for its expanding solution set, partnerships and growing client base. A novel solution that automates hotel processes, offers business intelligence and enhances decision making, RezNext solutions are also crafted to ensure hotels can grow their occupancy in a highly competitive market.

Dec 07, 2014: RezNext’s growing range of solutions is customized for all hotel categories

Nov 20, 2014: Working towards a flawless hospitality experience

Nov 11, 2014: RezNext Distribution Insights Report on ADR index across hotel segments

Oct 26, 2014: The emerging digital and social media landscape

Oct 18, 2014: Online Hotel Bookings to Grow at 30% annually in India

Sep 15, 2014: Adopting the concept of ‘Internet of Things’ – Mike Kistner, CEO, Reznext

Sep 08, 2014: RezNext introduces ‘RezE’ India’s guest centric internet booking engine

Sep 05, 2014: Facilitating Optimisation of Room Revenues

Sep 04, 2014: Balancing the demand by enabling more mid-market hoteliers to be found and booked online

Aug 26, 2014: Real-time hotel room bookings across mid-market hotels in India researched

Aug 02, 2014: Empowering hotel partners via tech

July 24, 2014:RezNext and Internet Moguls Partner to Offer a Comprehensive Hotel Digital Marketing Solution

July 23, 2014: Online Indian hotel bookings – changes to reservation windows and cancellation patterns

July 05, 2014: RezNext is the world’s only true real-time distribution solution provider

July 02, 2014: RezNext helps hoteliers analyse all their information and use it to their advantage

June 18, 2014: Hoteliers need to personalise responses to negative reviews – Mike Kistner, CEO RezNext

June 03, 2014: Hotels and OTAs can enter a new era of collaboration, not a war

May 15, 2014: RezNext partners TripFactory

May 14, 2014: Technology investments to be a top priority in hospitality industry: RezNext Survey report

Apr 27, 2014: Mid-Market hotel in India lag behind in driving bookings

Apr 25, 2014: Hotel website yet to be tapped as a distribution channel among mid-market hoteliers

Apr 23, 2014: Hotel Distribution services: Best practices

Apr 22, 2014: Mid-market hotels far behind in driving direct bookings through hotel websites

Apr 01, 2014: Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays a key role in increasing a property’s RoI

Mar 28, 2014: Why Hoteliers Should Relook Their Distribution Strategy?

Mar 25, 2014: Hospitality Industry Should Simplify Distribution Strategy For Better Revenue

Mar 20, 2014: Hospitality summit on, Transforming Guest Experience and Improving Revenues held in Mumbai

Mar 17, 2014: RezNext organises hospitality industry empowerment summit in association with IDS Next

Mar 01, 2014: Hospitality summit in Bangalore

Feb 28, 2014: Hotel distribution in India – challenges, trends, opportunities

Feb 27, 2014: Goibibo leverage RezNext’s technology platform to offer real-time hotel booking services

Feb 24, 2014: Hospitality summit on, Transforming Guest Experience and Improving Revenues’ held in Delhi

Feb 17, 2014: RezNext to host hospitality industry summits

Feb 16, 2014: RezNext Adds New Functionality on REX Platform

Feb 11, 2014: RezNext and IDS NEXT to hold hospitality industry empowerment summits

Jan 13, 2014: Renewed focus on distribution platforms