ReX – Intelligent-Distribution-Platform

Take complete control of your online hotel distribution process to maximise revenue opportunities

Look beyond a channel manager – Adopt an intelligent distribution platform

ReX is an industry-first intelligent distribution platform which is powered by real-time technology and leverages a smart algorithm to maximise yield management. It offers a real-time two-way distribution platform that enables hotels to completely automate their reservation process, be open for bookings 24×7 with reduced dependency on manual labour. It is much more than a channel manager and allows hoteliers to establish a strategic relationship with demand generators and dynamically monitor yield

ReX is the only true real-time hotel distribution solution with an inbuilt revenue intelligence that helps you take informed decisions quickly and confidently. Hoteliers can measure ROI from each channel real-time and distribute inventory based on channel performance.

It is built on an open technology framework that allows seamless integration of applications such as revenue management, rate shopper, and business analytic solutions.

Key features:

  • Real-time two-way connectivity between hotel’s PMS and demand generators
  • Automated updates to multiple channels for different properties from a single interface
  • System enhancements delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • OTA/HTNG compliant XML integration
  • Device agnostic


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