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Adopt a global distribution system for hotels

Improve visibility and occupancy for your hotel

BriDge is a unique real-time online hotel distribution program that takes away the hassle of qualifying and contracting demand generators across the distribution spectrum. Through BriDge, hoteliers can establish a real-time two-way connect with a growing network of leading traditional and non-traditional demand generators in existing and new markets. It enables hoteliers to spend less time planning and managing their distribution efforts and more time focussing on their core business function – guest satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Sign-up once and automatically gain access to a growing network of highly profitable distribution channels
  • Be assured of connecting with pre-qualified demand generators carefully chosen to boost your business
  • Avoid painstaking rounds of discount/net rate negotiations with different online travel agents and companies
  • Automate reservation process as bookings, modifications and cancellations flow directly into the hotel’s PMS without need for manual intervention


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