Distribution Industry Reports

Be prepared ahead of time to capitalise on the emerging market opportunities

Hospitality is a dynamic industry. Competition is tough and market conditions ever-evolving. Hoteliers need timely insight into emerging trends to capitalise on market opportunities and maximise their profitability. RezNext undertakes regular market studies to identify current industry practices and provides ROI-oriented recommendations to help hoteliers leverage these opportunities.

Why your GDS content should be keyword optimised

Learn how to double your GDS ROI. Best rates may not be sufficient to drive higher visibility for your property among thousands of listings on the Global Distribution System. What can truly make you stand-out and connect better with travel agents and corporates is your keyword optimised content. Download this whitepaper to find out how content can play a crucial role in boosting your ROI from Global Distribution Systems.

Top rate trends in the hospitality industry

Find out the latest pricing strategies within the hospitality industry. Access an in-depth analysis of rate trends across 600 hotels in India to understand what tactics are yielding better results. How did business hotels perform? What were the top inclusions? What’s the most popular room category – have essential information like these at your fingertips.

Leverage drip marketing for faster conversion of leads in your sales funnel

Lead nurturing is emerging as one of the most important marketing strategies that helps hoteliers qualify potential customers, engage with them and improve conversions. If leveraged effectively it can be a vital channel for low cost customer acquisition. Moreover, drip marketing also enhances guest engagement and drives repeat business. Read this whitepaper to know how hoteliers can leverage drip marketing for profitable business.

Distribution Dashboard

Access an interactive dashboard on the latest trends in online booking. We analysed over 3000 hotels across 200 cities to provide you an in-depth analysis of online hotel booking patterns across the country. Learn about booking pace and best yielding days by star categories, metro cities and business sources. Also find out the popular destinations for business and leisure travellers. The dashboard also offers best practice recommendations on revenue management, pricing techniques and digital marketing strategies.

Does a mere response to a guest review do justice to the feedback? What more can hotels learn from an online review?

While hoteliers agree that guest reviews have a direct impact on the hotel’s profitability, not many are leveraging it the right way to ensure revenue maximisation. Read this report to understand why hoteliers should look beyond tracking and responding to guest reviews and start treating them as vital insights into operational efficiency.

Dealing with the revenue manager’s nightmare. How to arrive at the right pricing strategy?

RezNext recently interacted with 50 leading hoteliers across the country to understand the present pricing techniques leveraged by them. While competitor’s BAR rate emerged as one of the strong indicators of price optimisation, most hoteliers lacked a deep-dive insight into holistic competitive intelligence. In this report we highlight key information that hoteliers should look into when setting their pricing strategy. From competitive intelligence to analysing own rate performance, this report will help you take a comprehensive approach towards your rate plans.

Beyond occupancy. What’s more to revenue management?

The focus of hotel revenue management is gradually shifting from driving occupancy to profit optimisation. Owing to changing consumer behaviour and evolving technology, hoteliers need to adopt revenue strategies that are more dynamic and aligned real-time to changing market conditions. The speed of decision taking will separate the leaders from their competition.

Read this industry report by RezNext to understand the current revenue tactics undertaken by hoteliers. Also learn about how technology automation and revenue management service providers can help hoteliers adopt real-time revenue strategies to achieve price optimisation and drive improved profitability.

Key consumer insights for effective hotel marketing strategy

Promoting the right offer to the right customer is fundamental to driving profitable bookings. But are your marketing efforts in sync with consumer behaviour? More than 70% travellers are searching hotels online but less than 15% of hotel revenues are generated through direct bookings. How can hoteliers address this gap?

RezNext presents an industry report on key consumer insights for effective hotel marketing strategy. The report delves into travel research and online booking patterns of today’s travellers along with effective strategies that hoteliers can adopt to connect better with this tech-savvy consumer group and optimise profitability.

Business traveller hotel booking trends

Business travel in India and globally is on the rise. According to a recent report published by GBTA, India’s total business travel spend is projected to grow by 9.2 per cent in 2015. RezNext presents a market study on the hotel booking trends of business travellers to help hoteliers optimise their marketing and distribution strategies to drive maximum revenues from this customer segment.

How prepared are hoteliers to leverage the
online hotel booking potential?

A market study by RezNext, identifying tools and initiatives the industry needs to adopt, to maximise their online booking revenue

It is estimated that over 8.4 million Indians are likely to book hotels online by 2016, presenting a huge opportunity for hoteliers to maximise revenues through online distribution. RezNext presents an industry whitepaper on how hoteliers can capitalise on this opportunity.

Emerging hospitality industry trends in 2015.
A RezNext market research initiative.

RezNext conducted a market survey to analyse the key emerging trends that will influence the dynamics of the hospitality industry in 2015. Over 100 hoteliers from across India expressed their opinions. Read the report for more details.

  • Rise in demand for mobile technology
  • What are key metrics for yield management in 2015

Hotel occupancy trends and key focus areas

This report features the views of leading hoteliers on the current occupancy trends in the hospitality industry. The survey was undertaken by RezNext at the India Hospitality Summit 2014-15. In this report, hoteliers across budget category to large.

  • Current hotel occupancy trends
  • What initiatives are hotels adopting to drive more direct bookings?

Exclusive report on revenue management practices

RezNext recently conducted a survey on revenue management practises. Here is what the report highlights:

  • The tussle between ARR and occupancy-when and where do you draw the line?
  • What are the big revenue management challenges?
  • Why is a real-time revenue score card important? For budget hotels what module in a revenue management system matters most?