At RezNext you are always part of something big, something that matters most. So be ready to be challenged, inspired and see how you evolve through this. You’ll be amazed at how you beat yourself and yet win each time.

Innovation that matters may be a simple idea but of profound value to our customers and to our business performance. That’s where we need you to invest your time, your thinking.


Our employees complete us

Our strength is our people, our teams that we build. A job at RezNext is not just a job, it is a partnership. Your passion and focus that you bring to the table combined with our technology and the market opportunity is the driver for our business. We value our employees and believe in providing them a great work life balance. See some of our employee benefits.


Where do I start?

So you are interested in joining us and not sure how you fit in from your skill perspective. Here is how our cool teams are structured. When you find a spot that you identify with, you can apply for an open position or submit your application.


Life at RezNext


The Best Intern program

That’s our program for the young stars just out of college or pursuing their last year in college and looking for an internship to get started. We have an amazing internship program that lets you learn on the field. You’ll be proud of what you achieve. And if you qualify as the Best Intern, we’ll let you stay on and groom with us for 6 months, post which the team welcomes you on board. This is a great place to start, you will enjoy the journey.


We’re hiring

At RezNext we are on the constant look out for innovators who can make our technology more intuitive and user-friendly for our clients. If you’re interested in joining us, please view our current job openings.