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We continuously work on organizing the hotel online distribution environment to ensure your efforts are simplified and highly productive. Our goal is to remove the complexity that exists today in the hotel booking system. This means we connect both the ends of the business-supply and demand real-time, helping you drive increased revenues.


Hospitality is a people business. We believe it needs to be so too. That is why at RezNext we are focussed on helping hoteliers utilize their resources most effectively through collaboration. This helps hotels put the focus back on the guest’s requirements, creating a niche service edge that becomes a business driver. All of this begins with your distribution, do it right!

Online hotel booking

RezNext is levelling the playfield, making it possible for hotels of all size and category to go online quickly, connect seamlessly to thousands of hotel distribution channels, develop their own website into a booking engine and manage yield real-time for improved profitability.

Comprehensive distribution offering

  • Real-time two way PMS connect
  • Intelligent distribution platform for channel management
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Business intelligence application
  • Hotel software for revenue management
  • Online reputation management
  • Pricing intelligence

Real-time distribution

Two way real-time distribution, this is core to our story. Our true real-time distribution technology is built on the premise of powering your operations by eliminating manually cumbersome processes. So you as an hotelier can have your staff focus on their core job rather than spending their time updating bookings, modifications and cancellations manually. We automate this process with your reservations flowing into the hotel system (PMS) spontaneously.

Intelligence that drives faster and smarter decisions

By simplifying the hotel distribution environment, we are not just helping hotels be in control of their reservation operations. We are now empowering them to go beyond the hotel reservation system and look at their distribution strategy driven by real-time intelligence and revenue generation approach.

Client Testimonials

Keshav Balajee,
Managing Director
Spree Hotels & Resorts
"RezNext distribution model offers a 360 degrees solution to hotels to distribute rooms dynamically, enhance the online visibility and optimize the use of manpower. The RezNext platforms offers hotels the best technology at affordable prices."
"RezNext ‘s real-time distribution model would
be ideal as now we could do away with manual task of feeding the bookings and loading rates. The concept is very critical to current industry scenario where occupancies are not easy to come by."
"I am really glad that RezNext offers hoteliers a real-time, two-way connectivity between the hotel's property management system and
online booking channels. This has taken away
the enormous manual management needed for a host of disparate yet important systems that hotels use on a day to day basis."

Some of our key customers include