Strategic Distribution

Access an integrated hotel distribution solution suite that addresses every aspect of your reservation operations.

Revenue Management Intelligence

Maximising occupancy and revenue is a challenge. How do you optimise your room revenue? Access an advanced revenue management system to price your rooms appropriately for the right customer, through the right channel at the right time.

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Room Distribution

Connect real-time two-way to leading network of online demand generators with our intelligent revenue-driven distribution platform. Improve your visibility, be found and get booked.

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Distribution Intelligence

Prognostic intelligence that helps you monitor and take appropriate action on your distribution strategy. Access real-time data intelligence on your booking performance on-the-go and be in control of your distribution business.

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Reputation Management

Online reputation management assumes a significant role in building a hotel brand. By not responding to your reviews you end up not listening to the most important person to your business – YOUR GUEST. Adopt a proactive reputation management approach today.

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Connect to leading online distribution channels

We connect real-time two way to leading demand generators helping hoteliers completely automate their room reservation business

Reimagining online hotel distribution

Client Testimonials

Ameet Wagh
Corporate Head
Sales & Marketing
Sun-n-Sand Hotels Pvt Ltd

"RezNext distribution model offers a 360 degrees solution to hotels to distribute rooms dynamically, enhance the online visibility and optimise the use of manpower. The RezNext platform offers hotels the best technology at affordable prices."

Rishi Puri
Associate Vice President,
(Operations & Development)
Lords Inn Hotels & Resorts

“RezNext‘s real-time distribution model would be ideal as now we could do away with manual task of feeding the bookings and loading rates. The concept is very critical to current industry scenario where occupancies are not easy to come by."

Keshav Balajee
Managing Director
Spree Hotels & Resorts

"I am really glad that RezNext offers hoteliers a real-time, two-way connectivity between the hotel's property management system and online booking channels. This has taken away the enormous manual management needed for a host of disparate yet important systems that hotels use on a day to day basis."

Distribution Insights
The impact of mobile technology on the hospitality industry

According to a recent industry report, hotel-related travel inquiries fell on PCs but rose on tablets by 180% and on mobile by 68%. Nitin Srivastava, General Manager - Sales & Marketing, Clark Inn Group of Hotels shares his opinion on why hoteliers should re-look at their business.

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Leveraging the changing trends in supply and demand with dynamic pricing

Dynamic rate management is growing in importance as a pricing strategy. Rajan Kapoor, General Manager, Jukaso IT Suites writes about why hoteliers should adopt a dynamic pricing strategy and how to overcome the challenges in implementing such a strategy.

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Emerging Hospitality Industry Trends in 2015
  • Tip the conventional balance: Business travel to yeild more that leisure segment in 201
  • Loyalty programs will make a comeback
  • Real-time business analytics will grow in importance
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Revenue management-how to tackle market dynamics?
  • How do hoteliers address the tussle between ARR and occupancy?
  • What’s keeping revenue managers busy?
  • What scenarios drive strong focus on occupancy?
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